Walking Through Animating

One of the most important animations in any game is the walk cycle of the playable character and our game is certainly no different. Since the player will be watching this character move for the entire game, the walk cycle needs to be subtle enough to not distract from other aspects of the game while also providing enough distinct charm that is hopefully not too repetitive.

Before starting this animation I needed a couple of things:

an initial character design…

and a reference.

Thanks to Bill for being the test subject

For the first test I went for a 4 frame cycle (better to start with less and add to it than to make too much). I recorded Bill walking, picked 4 key frames from the footage and then scaled the images down to the size of our character to help with blocking out shape and scale. After some fine tuning I had these frames:

Which when put together, looked like this:

So this was far from perfect but you get the idea for the movement of the character. However, we all wanted a much smoother animation so it was back to the reference footage to grab an extra 4 frames.

Here we have the result that has remained mostly unchanged since.

Stay tuned for more animation break-downs!


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