Take a moment to embrace your surroundings as you uncover Canada’s boreal forest. Portage is a minimalist experience that encourages a mindful attitude whilst canoeing and hiking through the landscape. 

about the game

Canoeing and portage

As you reach impassable waters, it will be wise to beach your canoe, pick it up, and set off on foot until a new waterway presents itself. This action is known as portage and will play an important part in your journey. It will give time to experience both the calming waters, and the surprises the forest has to offer.

wild encounters

Being the largest intact area of forest in the world, Canada’s boreal has a lot to offer in both scale and variety. You might see a squirrel scrambling between branches; a moose taking a drink out of the lake, or even the remarkable northern lights. 

play at your own pace

Portage is meant to be a personal experience so you can choose whether you want to make it a quick trip, or embrace every inch of nature along the way. This is your journey, your time, so you do what works best for you